wildflower day

Today is a pick-your-own-wildflowers-and-throw-them-in-a-vase-on-your-table kind of day.

I did!
It's so cheap!
And beautiful!
And.... natural.
(Although I do recommend sticking a pair of scissors in your trousers if you go. Some of those weeds are a bit hairy and fight like the devil to stay).

These were beautifully plucked from the banks of the Missouri River. Occasionally Chris and I escape out to that place to smooch in the sunset. It's so romantic, peaceful,
so Pride and Prejudice feeling. I love it.

Kind of like this...

In fact, that is the exact spot I plucked them from.
Imagine that...!

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Andrea Ferrell said...

talk about creative!! you are so crafty! i love ALL your beautiful craft-ies. i miss you my friend. i wish i could spend some time with you on your craft sabbath. maybe someday.

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