why I don't like shopping

my new raincoat

Today I went shopping, and my experience went a little like this.

First mission: raincoat.
(I have been researching a raincoat since my birthday (April) mind you when I received a little birthday money from family. Thanks family!)
I walked into Dick's Sporting Goods.
I asked for them to get size XS raincoat that I had shipped to the store a few weeks ago to try on.
I tried it on.
Hm. I don't know. Too small? Just fine.
I tried on the S. Too big? Just fine?
I tried back on the XS. Okay, I think I should get XS, but green? Or blue? Or pink?
Oh, I like the fushia, but not in XS.
Or green? Or blue?
After 45 minutes, I decided to go with the green XS.
(The one I originally walked into the store to buy).
That was like pulling teeth.

Next mission: shorts and t-shirts
I walk into the store. Like a few shirts. Like a few skirts. No shorts.
I try them on.
I like the shirt, but is it really worth the $3?
(I'm at Goodwill). What? I'm cheap.
I try on another shirt.
Oooh, flowers! But... nope, not worth $3. I don't think I like it that much.
I try on a skirt. Too small.
Try on the last skirt. Ooh, I like. But is it to short?
I think it might make middle school boys look at me too hard, and I don't think it's worth $3 either.
Goodbye without any clothes.

Next, time I should take someone with me like my brother to tell me to live a little. Like the time when he told me to live a little and get that fresh deli meat instead of the packaged cheaper kind.
Next time.

This is why I hate shopping (for clothes)
At least after 2 months I bought a raincoat.
Thank you birthday money!

P.S. Happy birthday to my sister, sister, beautiful sister! She is 26 today and getting a bigger and bigger baby belly everyday.


Aaron Ferguson said...

Man, I hate being short and shopping for anything. "Small" t-shirts are so big that they used to be considered medium or large 15 years ago. I haven't grown, but finding a small shirt that fits right is nearly impossible (American Apparel is perfect, though). Every 8th grader has picked through the 30x30 jeans by the time I show up, so the selection is nil, and half the stores still stock the smaller sizes on the top shelf where I can't reach them. :/

Laurie Sue said...

When it comes to shopping you are just like your momma. Glad you got the rain coat - now we just have to find you some funky rain boots (galoshes)! And I def. agree with your brother - always go for the fresh deli meat! Yum!

I love you

P.S. I love the pic of you and Ashley. I miss you all so incredibly much . . .

aimee bee said...

Aaron, Chris is the same way! :)

Lindsay said...

Maybe I should just mail you some more clothes :)

aimee bee said...

haha, please! You're clothes are great because they fit, they're stylish, and they're free! :)

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