weekend snapshots

Papa's flowers

Weirdest thing just happened to me.

I am sitting here at my computer, typing away about the rest of our weekend in St. Louis when I hear the door rattling. I look up, blinds are closed, don't see anything. Hm. Must have been a squirrel.

And then I hear it again. So then I thought maybe it is Chris. He left this morning for office hours. Maybe he forgot something or came home early? But he has a key, and the presence at the door doesn't appear to have a key.

So I wait, and it rattles again. Thankfully its locked. See, this is why I always lock the door behind you Christopher.

Finally, I go to the door and pull the shudders away. And right before me is a man, probably a college man, staring at me holding some keys. At first I started to unlock the door. Then I didn't. I just stared at him through the glass and asked what he needed.

He says, "I think I live here."

And I say, "I think you don't live here."

Then he rattles off that he must have the wrong apartment, thanks me through the glass, and walks away. And I just can't help but think, with all my 3 flower boxes, 2 hanging baskets, tomato plants, pepper plants, and 2 indoor plants currently outdoor on the porch, you still think you live here? Hm.... don't think so.

But back to what I was writing...
The rest of our weekend went by so quick I didn't even have time to take many pictures. We had a great time hanging with my family, collecting a few cans, eating birthday cake with the LaRues, buying felt, reading books, pulling of ticks, navigating our GPS, eating bbq, and screaming at the top of our lungs in the car. (We like to do that sometimes).

Here's a few more photos, especially ones for Erin:

Meet Bully

Emma & Bully Momma & Me

Emily, Papa, Emma, & Bully

PS. I have a lot of projects I will be working on this week, so prepare for crafts galore. :)


Lindsay said...

That's totally bizarre...maybe he was drunk?

Erin Boone said...

He is cute. He looks like an old dog because of the grey on his head!!!
You need Bully at the apt to scare him off!!!

Unknown said...

If I could have a doggie right now, I would. ;)

He didn't appear to be drunk, and it was early in the morning!

Aaron said...

I think I would have said, in a non-surprised/scared way, "Oh, hold on a sec!" Then stuck a camera through the blinds, got a pic, and told him to get lost.

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