a story of gross things

Me and Breeze mid college

In college I met one of my good friends Breezy Lucia.

As most people do in college with their friends, I had the opportunity to get to know her on a deeper level.

For instance, even though Breezy had her own dorm room, her own roommate, and her own bed, her and I shared a twin size dorm room bed for about 6 months out of the 9 month span of school.

In addition to that, Breezy (at the time) had a huge head full of hair. So, on many of those close-quarter nights I would wake up to find Breezy's hair in my mouth.

We also had many nights where we brushed our teeth together, washed our faces together, and showered and peed together (in separate stalls of course).

But the one thing that really set Breezy and I apart from the others, was our card sending affection to one another. Don't get me wrong, I sent LOTS of cards to my friends, and I love receiving LOTS of cards from friends (wink, wink friends). But the most affectionate thing about our card sending, is that we would send little tiny gifts to each other in our cards in the form of... toe nail clippings.

Yes, okay. I know what you are thinking...

GUACALA! (If you speak some Spanish).

But let me remind you... I am a Scientist and it is just a natural part of our biological bodies and it is not really that gross... if the clippings are clean... if you don't keep them too long... if you don't accidentally spill them on your desk...

Those things happened.

And so last night as I was studying, pouring over my oh-so-intersesting Educational Psychology Textbook, I ran my little finger across my baby toe and discovered an interesting suprise. The blister popped! (Remember that blister from the wedding....?)

And I couldn't help but think of Breezy Lucia and our story of gross things...

Breezy, you have an address yet? I need to send you a card...


Rachel said...

i laughed so hard at this. nice work.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


breezylucia said...


omg. you love telling people this story. i try to make sure people never find out. but it is still hilarious. i cant believe how many toe nails we had collected. i remember erica and michelle ebb giving me nails to my collection. we are so funny/disgusting.

and no address yet. im actually a little glad about that knowing you would include your blister skin.

but im coming back for a week tomorrow/today!

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