poppy fields

I experimented a bit more with felt today, and I really liked what came out. I made a few more corkies, a few more flower pins, and then I tried something a bit more drastic.

And I really liked it. I think felt is my new favorite medium.
P.S. The felt in all these projects is made made with recycled plastic bottles.

Poppy Fields...

Poppy fields was made with a recycled canvas (a painting I did a few years ago and didn't like).

More flower pins...

More corkies...

Don't forget about the Maple Hill Vintage Market tomorrow and Saturday.
I'll see you there Saturday!

Mid Summer Dream Event at

Maple Hill Vintage Market

3259 E Nashville Church Rd, Ashland, MO 65010

2 days only!

Most fabulous little place to go for all things vintage, antique, quaint and desirable!

Friday, June 11...8AM to 6PM

Saturday, June 12....8AM to 2PM

For more info email: tagsalequeens@centurylink.net


lesley said...

you and your crafty flowers! i played a little disappearing act again on my blog. but, i'm back. for now at lease ;)

aimee bee said...

Glad you're back. I was sad without the home updates. :)

breezylucia said...

confession: thought the title of this post was "poopy fields." hahahaha

and i like this new canvas project. cute. you should try making your own felt!

cant wait to hear how the market goes

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