our weekend in Springfield

Today I found my charger.
It went like this:

"Chris, I've looked everywhere. Can I look in your car?"
"Sure.... (obviously skeptical)"
And there is was!
I screamed. A lot.

Chris (and everyone within hearing distance of our parking spot) heard my excitement.

So, here is a recap of our short trip to Springfield last weekend. We were there to visit with our family and supporters for Chris' ministry through our church, The Rock

Aaand that's all I have for tonight because class all of a sudden is super crazy, hard, and tough and so I will be reading lots and lots of pages about Educational Psychology tonight for my test Thursday.

Lakota coffee and a bad picture of Chris (but our only!)

Gma Renfroe, Aunt Sharon, and myself

Chris and his Dad

Chris sharing about our ministry

Arandi and Kayla

Chris still sharing...

Please say prayers for me to read like a superwoman. I have 3 exams and a final in less than 8 class days. eek!


Laurie Sue said...

You'll do just what you're supposed to do - just fine.

I love you!


Marcy said...

What is the ministry?

Unknown said...

Chris is on staff with a campus church at Mizzou called The Rock. He works with the worship ministry team, overseas a canvas group (home groups), and a core group among other things.

Marcy said...


Lesley said...

wish we could have been there!

(and a bad picture of chris) hahaha.

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