our first anniversary

To the man who adores me, even after seeing me at my worst.
To the man who dreams and dreams and dreams.
To the man who will always get me a glass of water before bed.
To the man who washes my underwear and socks.
To the man who tells me I am beautiful.
To the man who makes me coffee, kills my spiders, and kisses my cheek.
I love you.

Happy anniversary to us, us, us!

wedding photography by keith montgomery
engagement and trash the dress photography by breezy torres


Andrea Ferrell said...

I can't believe it's been a year already! Congrats to you! :)

lesley said...

happy one year!

aimee bee said...

Thanks guys! :)

Green Pickles said...

gorgeous photos! I'm getting married this year and I can't wait and when i see photos of couples like you still so happy one year on I know its gonna be great! Thanks for sharing - you both look so happy!


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