lazy sunday

Chris gave me an ultimatum last night.

He said:
If I find one more
bobby pin
rubber band
or straight pin
on the ground I am going to be really upset.

I said:
I promised to do my best.

Look what I found this morning:

He married me flaws in all, right?
I will do better.

Speaking of doing well, I have been quite the lazy individual today. I have a test tomorrow and for some reason I keep falling asleep and getting super distracted. Some friends are coming over in a bit for dinner and I have decided that after that, I will make some coffee and get serious.
Until then, I'm taking a little break.

Speaking of breaking... or cutting... things, I also snipped a pair of shorts today. This is my major accomplishment for the day, but you know what it's Sunday and I think I am okay with that.

I found these Banana Republic shorts at Goodwill a few years back and have always disliked the length on me... too long to be shorts... to short to be capris. They were perfect in Honduras (to hide my seductive American white leggies) but today I decided to

And now, I shall relax for a few more minutes until the dinner bell rings.

Happy Sunday. Happy beginning of the week. Happy last week of June!

p.s. My mom started a blog today!
Another one bites the dust.... :)


Anonymous said...

Aimee, I think there are still like 15 bobby pins at my dads from some homecoming/prom after party. After this post I'm thinking they were yours! haha

aimee bee said...


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