freckle nose

Summertime makes my freckles come out.

You know what else it does?
It makes me want to pick flowers in my Nana's garden,
make sundresses as essential as underwear,
hike mountains,
get an SPF 30 safe tan line,
and sip some sweet tea while watching the sunset.

Tonight I am watching the sunset through my dusty french doors
from my kitchen table
while studying poverty.
I will be out there.

I hope you enjoy your last day of June 2010. It's a beauty out there.


Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Summer!!!

I used to get freckles when I was a kid...I don't think I really get them anymore.

Lindsay Cochrum said...

I love when my nose gets freckle-y. For some reason the mountains haven't brought them out yet... :(

breezylucia said...

what is that second picture???

Unknown said...

Lindsay, you would think being in the mountains would bring them out! Closer to the sun!

Breezy, it's a weird angle of me looking down at my feet, focusing on my shirt. I thought it was abstract looking and was hoping someone would ask. ;)

Laurie Sue said...

I'm going to NaNa's garden's tomorrow. Want me to take some pictures? When are you going up next? Maybe I can meet you?

Unknown said...

I would love pictures. Post them on your blog! And the next time I am going is my time that you are going, right? July 17-18?

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