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I'm sitting here at my new desk, a desk that used to be covered in my Nana's hands. I'm imagining it as it used to be, most likely filled with quilt scrapings, her IPOD dock tuned to an audio book I'm sure, and little reminders of her love for crafting and quilting found in needles and fabric shears.

Now, my Nana's desk sits in our spare bedroom next to our big beautiful windows (along with too many other things) giving me the space and freedom to dream and craft away. I imagine she would be pretty happy up there in heaven to see her quilitng desk getting some use out of it. She was never much for collecting dust.

I'll put a picture up soon when I get it a bit more organized.

But until then, I'll show you one of the little projects I've been working on this week: Corkies!

Here's how they're made if you are interested:

1. Get your materials: felt, needle, thread, button (or bead), thumbtack (flat), hot glue gun
2. Cut your felt into circular shapes. I didn't use a stencil, I just wung it (past tense of wing, it's okay)

3. Stack 'em up and sew the button on

4. Glue the thumbtack on the back where the thread is coming through (hide the thread) and let it cool. Finally pin it on your bulletin board. :)

P.s. I will be restarting my Craft Sabbaths pretty soon, once school starts and I can decided what day to do it on.... Saturday or Sunday... that is the question...

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Laurie Sue said...

I LOVE your corkies and think I will get the supplies to make my own! NaNa is happy that you're using her craft table!

I love you!


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