dream home rides

Yesterday Chris and I took a ride around the block. It was about 8pm and the weather was just perfect. Originally, we went out for a bike ride because we wanted to wind down for the night and get some exercise. But... then it turned in to something different.

Oh, look Chris. I like that one!
Look at that porch. How cool!
Ok, this part of that one- I don't like.
Meh, not that kind...
Bricks? No bricks.
Unless we paint it a lighter color, you know like a distressed look.
No, Aimee I don't know what the distressed look is.
Oh, I do not want one like that!
Two stories or one? Two, most definitely.
Stones? Stones are okay.
Wow, look at that flower bed!
Oh, see how this one is painted like that? I like that.
Yes, I like that one. The cottage style...

and on and on and on...

I have decided to call these our "getting to know our home likes and home dislikes before we start actually looking" rides. Or maybe an easier way to say it is our dream home rides.
Dreaming about our future home.

And... they will probably become a regular habit until next Spring when we may actually start looking. (If I am employed).

Allowing ourselves to enjoy it... but not get too far ahead of ourselves.
Just yet.


lesley said...

the house we ended up with was almost NOTHING of what i thought we'd be in. but, i love it. we (i) wanted a bungalow cute old house with lots of "character" but all the houses like that were overpriced and needed too much work and upkeep.

i think you should look in.... yes, springfield. we could be neighbors. wouldn't that be fun? ;)

Laurie Sue said...

Enjoying the "ride" and dreaming is so, so, so much fun. NaNa taught me all about "dreaming" - and you know what? With some fortitude those dreams can - and do - come true. Lesley is right, though, sometimes the reality is nothing like the dreams, but just a wonderful!

I love you!

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