a belly and a baby boy

Picture courtesy of my sister,
on the vacation I was unable to attend,
not bitter mind you...

Last night I had a Skype date with my sister and Diesel. I love skype dates with them. It usually goes the same.

At first Diesel is shy. He is slightly weirded out that the computer is talking and waving and smiling and telling him that he loves him. Then he gets over all that when he realizes its Aunt Mimi.

And he then starts talking. Talking, talking, talking. I can't understand half of it but I love it. Then he starts showing me how he plays piano or how he has a kitty named Buddy or how his mommy has a baby in her belly. (Yes, his mommy does have a baby in her belly. Woowee!)

Yesterday though, he told me two things. One is odd and the other is genius.

One, he told me that he watched a tv show where they cut a baby out of a mommy's belly (c-section) and that he is going to cut the baby out of his mommy's belly! He then continued to miminic cutting the baby out of her belly. Odd.

Then he counted to 10! Only... 8,9,10 was like one word but that's okay. He counted to 10!! Genius. I love that kid.

Ashley, David, Diesel and baby

And announcing!

She found out today that she is having a baby boy!
Sawyer Paule Baker due November 10th!
(named after LOST, yes).

Well, when you birth babies that look like this guy, why wouldn't you have another?
...And another?
...And another?

I would.

p.s. I am already dreaming a million bazillion baby boy craft ideas...


Anonymous said...

I love she is naming him Sawyer after Lost. So awesome. Cool name too if you asked me. The c-section thing was a little weird!

Miss you. Glad we are following each other's blogs. This is fun!

Laurie Sue said...

Diesel really DOES need those tonsils taken out!

By the way, he counted to fourteen for his GiGi!

Love you!

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