springfield, missouri

Congrats 2010 grads!

This weekend we traveled to Springfield. There and back all in one day. Our first time for that fancy feat. And it wasn't that bad...

Sometimes when I go to Springfield and I walk around the downtown and I see all the pretty, old, big, fancy houses and I drink a coffee at Mudhouse and I make friends that live in Springfield, sometimes I think I could live there. But shhhh! Don't tell Chris that because I always told him I never would.

Springfield, you're not all that bad... well... besides your drivers.

Here's some fabulous pictures from our fabulous Sunday:

Kayla and Aimee

mean-faced Christopher and cutie p. Marissa

the graduates and the film crew (aka Charlotte and Gary)

matchy matchies


family: If you would like any copies of the grads send me an email.

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lesley said...

yes! move to springfield. that would be fun!

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