spring strawberries

Oh Gosh, I think everyone should go strawberry picking every spring.
Think about it:
You get to enjoy the outdoors,
walk around with a friend,
pick all you want,
eat when you're hungry,
and bring home the tastiest strawberries that even Hy-vee can't compete with.
Go picking!

If you're in Columbia, go to Pick-n-Pick


Laurie Sue said...

There was nothing better than living down the road from Eckerts in Belleville. I loved picking the fruit (something every season) and shopping at their countrified "general store". . .

Love you,

breezylucia said...

I'm so sad I'm not there to go to Pick'n'Pick! Going to pick blackberries last year was so fun/delicious! Hmm, I bet there is somewhere here that I pick food...mmm..and in the mountains :)

i think the word eerie for the wind mills things is the best word for them, thank you.

and you and chris made a honeymoon video? ps NEVER saw that video you guys made for your wedding!

lesley said...

i just made a strawberry/chocolate pie yesterday! but, it would have been more fun if i had picked the strawberries. i LOVE em.

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