smell the flowers

Lately, I have been relating to everything in numbers.

10 more days of work school
17 days until school school
30 more days until my first anniversary with my hubby
5 more hours until sleep
1 more day until I can wake up and do whatever I want for 2 days

Things like that.

I really don't like living my life in a countdown though. Because then I stop thinking about the beauty of the moment. Then I stop thinking about the kids I am working with today. Then I stop thinking about sitting down and eating dinner beside my hubby. Then I stop thinking about sipping a warm cup of coffee and watching the morning news. Then I stop thinking about praying with my girlfriends and smelling my lilac candle. Then I stop living in today and instead am living in the next day, and the next, and the next before its even there.

So, today I'm stopping to smell the flowers and thinking about today.
Ask me how that's going tomorrow. :)

Enjoy some beautiful flowers from my Papa's garden. He promised he would help us start our garden when we buy our first house. I hope it looks as good as his.

Thanks again to Breezy Lucia for the editing tips.

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