Recycled Crafts

Today (other than begin A Wrinkle in Time) I worked on those things around the house that you need to work on but you don't want to work on so you never quite get around to working on those things until one day you decide that you really should work on them.

That's what I did today. Fun.

And actually it was.

Mission #1. Create a spatula/spoon holder for my kitchen. Let me tell you... I have been in search of a robin's egg blue kitchen holder since we registered for wedding gifts all way back when. Finally, I had an idea to create my own.

First, I finished off the final coffee grounds to my coffee tin. I'm sure you can find many of these lying around. If you can't, give me a holla.

Then I grabbed the color of paint that I am *trying* to coordinate my kitchen scheme to.
(Trying means over time I am purposely buying/creating things in this color in order to one day have a kitchen in this color and red).

Then I painted, dried, painted, etc. Until
Exactly what I wanted... for real cheap too.

Mission #2. Recycle all my candles! I started saving my old candles a while back and requesting a few friends to do the same. Finally, it came to the point last night when I had about 7 end of wick candles under my sink. I knew I could put this task off no longer.

Here's how you can recycle your candles:

First, finish off the life of your favorite candle... or your friends.
(Thanks Breezy Lucia and Kaitlin F)
These are just some of them.

Then grab a butter knife and start stabbing away. Break it up into smaller chunks so it can be knocked out of the jar.

Next, grab a baggie and write down the name of the fragrance and fill it with your wax.

Then you can either make a layered candle (just buy a wick at a craft shop) OR you can do what I do and use the wax for your Scentsy!

Then grab all of those left over jars and start cleaning. These can be used for something too...

Right now these are running in my dishwasher. So.. when I find something to use them for I'll let you know. Any idears?


Lindsay said...

I LOVE your idea forrecycling candles!!! I have a ton of candles that are spent but still have wax left over and I had no idea what to do with them! Such a great idea! I might try it :)

jessica said...

To get candles out easier out of jars you can also pop them in the freezer and it pulls away from the sides

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