my husband's collection

Many of you who know Christopher well, know that he is a collector.
What does he collect?

A collector of cans.
Isn't that hot?

Since the 5th grade Chris has been collecting cans from every phase change the brand has undergone. For instance, he doesn't have 10 of the same Coke cans, but he has 10 coke cans from the past few years that all have something different on them. Pepsi. Coke. Mountain Dew. Sprite. Dr. Pepper. Those are his most common collections. He also has dabbled into root beer, fanta, hawaiian punch, and jones soda cans among others.

When he lived with his mom, his soda cans (and bottles) lined the perimeter of his bedroom and filled his closet. I remember when I first saw them I thought, "Oh, this will definitely have to go."

But I soon realized that the cans came with Chris. Take it or leave it. So I took it.

And now I am kind of into it too.

This weekend, Chris got a little carpenter crafty and made himself a new perimeter in our spare room. And honestly, I think this is pretty darn cool.

Come on over and check it out for yourself!


Laurie Sue said...

What a wonderful post, Aimee. I am so proud of you and Chris and the sweet kindness of your marriage! There is nothing more important for a marriage that to be able to enjoy your spouses hobbies! His perimeter shelves looks awesome and the cans looks pretty neat displayed like that. Couldn't you knit him a few doilies?

I love you guys and miss you terribly!


breezylucia said...

"Isn't that hot?" made me lol.

i'm surprised at how cool this looks, can't wait to see it in August! im proud of Chris for putting them up.

i'll send you my address via a way that the whole world can't see :)

Chris Swift said...

CAN't wait to see it. Get it?

Stevi said...

So, does he collect all the different Dewmocracy flavors too? Or just basic Mountain Dew?

Aaron came with a huge collection of Hot Wheels. Still haven't come up with a cool method of display.

Lindsay said...

That's a lot of the shelves! Definitely better than taking up room in boxes :)

aimee bee said...

He collects all the different flavors. I think he just got the newest 3 Mountain dews and added cherry vanilla pepsi!


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