Mothers day crafts

Here are the little projects I was working on for Mother's Day gifts.

One, for my Momma.

I grabbed an old canvas in our spare room. This one I had made for a service at our church. It was alright, but nothing I was planning on keeping around. So... I covered it.

with paint to match my mom's living room...

the finished project

There have been many interpretations.
Me, a person chasing after their heart with people and an angel standing behind them supporting.
Mom, a large tree with flowers and the shiny sun.
Papa, an underwater demon eating a fish.
What's yours?

And two, for my sis from Diesel (and me but only behind the scenes). D picked out the string of beads and the glass heart. He has great taste!

Maybe some day when I am a mother I will get cool gifts...

Someday :)

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