Things I did today...
1). carried a tuba across the street
2). put the smack down on Uno
3). given a hug by a sweaty boy
4). played mediator
5). gave some autographs
6). Listened to "Fields of Gold" by Sting

But you know what I was thinking about the whole day today?
Getting a hold of a pair of jeans
and cutting

Is it weird to be thinking of such things throughout the day? I don't think so...

The Victim:
Old Jeans McRoy

The accused:
Kitchen shears and Cherry Vanilla Pepsi

(Booty shot!)

Then, I didn't want to waste the scraps...

paper petal cuttings


p.s. my work station

Then you can clip the flower to anything...

p.s. When I make the second one, I will make it smaller. I like big flowers, but the heaviness of the jeans makes it fall down a bit because it is so big.


breezylucia said...

i feel like these would be nice on a tote or bag of sorts.

also is cherry vanilla pepsi new?!?!

ps just looked it up and it IS! totes gonna go buy some tomorrow.

Chris Swift said...

Wow how much Cherry Vanilla Pepsi did you have before posting this? You're a goofball (in a good way).

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