hints of summer

Erin and I

Today is awesome.
Want to know why it's so awesome?

1. Erin fixed my internet. (Thanks!)
2. My friend Beth loaned me her 21 speed mountain bike for the summer! (Helmet included)
3. Linda Permann, author and creator of Crochet Adorned (the book I've been raving over the past few months) complimented my work. (Double thanks!)

You really should check out her stuff here.

Tomorrow morning I'm heading out to St. Charles to visit my momma and Papa for the weekend.

But before I do that..... this is what my week looked like...
ahh... the hints of summer...

p.s. Chris bought some decaf Lakota coffee today for my Papa. It is sitting right in front of me and it smells oh so sweet and I am soooo tempted to make a little decaf cafe for me...

Happy weekending!


Laurie Sue said...

SSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about seeing you tomorrow! YAY! I have missed ALL my kidd-o's so incredibly much! PaPa has a JoAnn's coupon - wanna go there sometime tomorrow??????

I love you!

Erin said...

I really like that picture of Brego!!

aimee bee said...

Yes! I'd love to momma. Need some more yarn anyway. :)

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