Happy Mothers Day!

Have you ever met my mother?
Here she is

She's pretty smokin.
She's probably going to say something to me later today like,
"Aimee, why did you put that picture of me on your blog?! I look terrible!"
But the truth is, she looks good.
Because she's smokin.
A lot of people say we look alike.
And I decided a long time ago that if I look like her all my life,
I'm pretty happy with that.

I love my Momma.

Thanks Momma for the great genes.
...and for everything else.

Happy Mothers Day!

To all my Mothers and Grandmothers: you rock my world.

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Laurie Sue said...

I actually like those pictures. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to cry "happy" tears today -- just as many happy tears because of ALL my six children (and one grand child) as sad tears over the loss of NaNa. I'd say it was a good 1:1 ratio. I love you Aimee-Girl!

Your Momma!

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