Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley at the the columns

Flat Stanley spent the weekend with us. Well... actually Flat Stanley spent the Spring with us.

My sister is a 2nd grade teacher in Yukon, Okalahoma. Shortly before my Nana passed away a little girl in her grade sent a super sweet letter all the way from OK with Mr. Stanley inside. Unfortunately, Mr. Stanley was lost in the hustle and bustle and the madness that followed in those weeks.

Instead of informing the dear child of Mr. Stanely's untimely and irresponsible death, Christopher and I decided to make our own Flat Stanley and record our weekend events in order to save her from her sorrow. We safely disguised this misfortune as "Flat Stanely liked Mizzou so much, he insisted on changing into some Mizzou gear!" Instead of, "We totally lost and killed Stanley. Our bad!" Talk about traumatizing a 7 year old.

And so... here is our weekend with Mr. Stanley in snapshots from my teeny camera. (Aka, don't judge my pics).

Flat Stanley at Farmer's Market

Flat Stanley buying tomato plants @ FM

Hanging out at Missouri's High School Track State Championships

Hanging with his homies, Anna Swift and the Presidents

In front of the Capitol Building

Picking strawberries

Hiding in the strawberries

with Brego before he bit his hand off...

and at Central Dairy
... wait... That's Chris. :)

Little known fact: The same guy that designed the Capitol Building in Jeff City (Hill) also designed the original Academic Hall building on Mizzou campus that burned down to leave the columns.


breezylucia said...

wow, thanks for that fact!

and i kept thinking "stuttering stanley!" when I read this. haha, oh the sixth sense and m night. shamalandkjalsidjfkd

aimee bee said...

Yes! We just recently watched that! Creepy.

Oh and Oklahoma not OkAlahoma.

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