Farmer's Market

Have I ever told you how much I love the Farmer's Market?

Well, I do.

Every Saturday morning I do this:
1. Wake up (but not with an alarm) around 8am
2. Cuddle with Christopher (if he's not at work)
3. Put on my beret and sandals and drive to the Farmer's Market.
4. Once there, head straight for the Oasis for some local $1 Lakota Coffee
5. Walk around, at least 5 times, and buy some things I need
(Lately its just been plants, lettuce, and eggies. Soon there will be produce!)
6. Say hi to the friends I run into, like Nicole B., Tanya B., and most always Kaitlin F. Why don't we just go together people?
7. Plop down in front of the folk musicians while watching all the adorably, cute, and lovable babies
And 8. Leave after feeling fully refreshed and ready to begin my wonderful weekend...

Is it Saturday yet?

1 comment:

Fodoz said...

i think this every monday! it's seriously one of the highlights of my weekend! and yeah, why don't we go together? sadly not this weekend, i'll be in kc.

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