date night

Meet my husband.

Smoothie guru.
Master of fine Shake Making.
King of fruits and ice cream combined.
President of I-make-fine-smoothies-and-shakes club.

Yes Ladies, I inherited a great one.

First... he scopes out his playing field.
Ice cream in the freezer. Check.

Then he picks between the finest fruit in our fruit bowl.

And finally... he combines,

just enough of this,
some of that,

not too much of this,
and viola!

Two prize winning shakes
in the cups we only save for these special occasions.

Happy Monday!
Happy Date night!

1 comment:

Laurie Sue said...

You definitely have a keeper (both our son-in-laws are keepers) Tim and I love date-nite, too, but once a week isn't nearly enough. We'll have to try the shakes, though. Sounds yummy.

Love you both!

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