Chris and me at STL zoo

Today was a very exciting day.

My favorite quotes of the day:
(I won't tell you who said what)

"Man, I forgot that animals were so boring..."
"[To the butterfly garden worker] Do you know that you have the best job in the world?!"
"Hey Mom, I mean Ashley, I mean Jerry, I mean Chris, come look at the tiger!"

Here is a small recap:

First we went to

for some


Then we headed to the zoo.
We saw:


Honeymoon flash-back!
(Yes, we went there).

Chris' favorite animal:

Grizzly Bear
(very manly)

My favorite... (and this picture is so not staged):


Then, we hung out with our pal Hannah G.

And finally ended the day in my Nana's kitchen with my Momma making cole slaw and dessert for tomorrow. This was definitely a great getaway day.

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Erin said...

No cute puppy pictures?

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