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My Papa was one of the people that inspired me early on in my creativity.

I can remember sitting on his lap in his upstairs art room painting a rooster with watercolors. I immediately went for the browns, reds, and yellows to make a realistic rooster. As soon as I did he stopped me and told me that my rooster didn't have to be brown and red like all the other roosters. My rooster could be blue, or green, or hot pink. It could even be rainbow colors! He helped me to see art at its finest, full of life and imagination. A rooster could look like anything I wanted it to look like, even like a Rainbow.... which I love.

This weekend when I visited my Papa, I was welcomed with open arms and craft books. His goal was to keep me busy with crafts for the next year.

And that he will!

Here are the books from Papa:

Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule, available here
Beads, Buttons, and Bijoux by Nathalie Delhaye, available here
Felt Jewelry by Teresa Searle available here
Where Women Create a magazine available here

I'm excited, although I need to find a starting place.
I'm still working on my last one...
One book at a time.

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Lindsay said...

That is the sweetest thing ever! What a cool Grandpa! All of those books look totally Aimee, and I'm kinda jealous :)

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