All you need is love... and beads!

My dorky attempt to model for my esty site...
Maybe I would have sales if I have a different model?

Today I'm feeling a mixture of two emotions:
disconnect and excitement.

I feel disconnect a bit with the Lord. I have spent so much time doing lately and very little of just being in his presence. I also feel a bit disconnected from myself and my emotions and my feelings of losing my Nana. I want to make sure that I properly grieve, allowing myself time to feel, relfect, and share my thoughts with others, while being careful not to become fully depressed and overwhelmed by the situation (a habit I think I could easily fall into). I have to walk a fine line here.

I feel excited however for many things coming my way. I feel excited for the direction God is leading me to this summer. I feel excited to be a student again. I feel excited to be pouring into my church this summer. I feel excited to be close to my husband. I feel excited and refreshed to be crafting and compiling a number of things for the craft fair. I also feel excited for my family, and what the Lord is doing through the death of my Nana for good, the way we are being brought together, connecting, and ultimately coming closer to Him.

With all that being said, I have enjoyed my craft sabbath thus far and can't see anything else better than having a day of refreshment and relaxation before the hectic week. I thank God for days like today!

Andd.... I am creating.

Here's a bit of what I have made so far...

Materials: beads!, charms (preferably discount charms), and wax thread

Project: Tie two lengths of waxed thread on sides of charm
Add knots and beads at your discretion
Tie a knot at the end of one end, add bead on other end

All you need is love
...and beads!

All you need is love
...and beads!

Necklaces available here and at craft fair.

The rest is top secret that won't be revealed until next Sunday

(ahem, cough, cough, Momma's Day)
Don't forget your Momma's and Grandmomma's ya'll!

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