on a Sunday

The Lord handed me some joy today.


Crab apple tree at Nana and Papa's

I spent the morning with Him sitting under my grandparents crab apple tree. It was just what I needed. Time alone in nature to think, pray, and be filled. What can I say, I was refreshed.

It's good to be refreshed in a time like this.

The Lord reminded me that,
one, he has always been with me, even before I came to trust Him.
two, he is so glad to have me.
three, he is beautiful.
and four, he made all these beautiful flowers that I love for me,
and you, and you, and you.


While driving home, I listened through some Jimmy Eat World oldies. A Sunday started playing and it seemed rather fitting.

"On a Sunday I think it through, on the drive back I think it through. What you wish for will come true... The haze clears from your eyes, on a Sunday."

Thanks for clearing the haze for me to see you clearly on this Sunday Lord.

Also, something really funny happened to me on the drive home. I was holding my ipod in one hand and driving with the other when I had a sudden urge to sneeze. Well, before I was able to set down my ipod I exploded and sneezed all over the car. The whole way home there were snot, sneezy particles all over the inside windshield, and I couldn't stop laughing for about a whole minute. I'm gross.


Also, I splurged at Hy-vee's organic section today and bought myself this:


I have been working very hard on some crochet projects I've got going on. Will post pictures tomorrow. For now, sleep.

p.s. If you are a JEW fan, you should listen to Hear You Me tonight. May angels lead you in...

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