middle school parking lot is for pukers

me and my daddy-o

Lesson Learned:
When you are a middle school teacher and you find out that you have personal days and sick days that total to ten, do not assume that you will "never use all these days for real." Because you probably will, especially if it's your first year.

Today I woke up with a nasty stomach ache. I've gotten these often. Unfortunately, I'm out of sick days. So I told myself, "Aimee, there's no option. You have to go to school."

Throughout the morning, I kept taking "calm breaks" where I would lay down for 15 minutes to "calm" my stomach down. Between that, a can of sprite, and a few crackers I made myself down, I thought that could make me feel better. I thought wrong.

So, I start driving to Ashland. The more I drove, the worse I felt. Uh. Uh. Can someone please give me a trash can!?

As soon as I get out of the car I knew I was going to puke. And so I did. Right there in my Middle School parking lot in front of all my Middle School kids and the Middle School kids parentals- I let it loose. Nothing like embarrassing yourself in middle school all over again, especially as a 24 year old.

I tried to still go to school, because I honestly felt much better afterward, but the school counselor told me I had to go home. Man.

But on a positive note, I ate dinner with my Daddy-o and Suzanne at D Rowes. It was delicious. If you like meat or sweet potato fries, I recommend it!


Laurie Sue said...

Did the shoes make it?


Unknown said...

They were flip flops. They're good. :)

Erin Boone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin Boone said...

It is D. Rowes FYI. I would hate for people to try and find it and not be able to. :)

Unknown said...

woooops. :)

Kate said...

You know the rule, right? You say you don't feel good in the morning, someone has to ask if you're pregnant :-)

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