labeled "geek"

I swear somebody is intercepting my mail. No mail in 2 days. What the heck?

I think it is my husband.


Today I had some funny encounters with my kiddos. Both happened during Pre-Algebra. First, I noticed the kid to my left writing something all over his binder. I peeked over to catch a glimpse. He assured me that it was okay; it was just the lyrics to a song he wrote.

"You wrote a song," I asked, pretty impressed.

"Yes. Well, actually no. Well I kind of did. It's actually from the show 'Drake and Josh.'"


Then, my chica to the right reminded me of the mind of a middle schooler. The class was having trouble working through a problem. It seemed everyone was stumped. I heard her mumble the answer under her breath. I pumped her up. Yeah, that's right! Tell her the answer. Raise your hand. You're right!

She replied back, "No, Mrs. Swift, because then I'll be labeled a geek."

Man, tough cookie. I sometimes forget the playing field I'm dealing on.

It's been a pretty great Friday though. No drama. No ordeals. Just relax.


In other aspects, my plant babies are doing well. I created a foil contraption for a makeshift water dish until I can run to the store to get one. They keep peeing all over my table.

I think I am doing a decent job with handling these things. Although one night it was below 40 degrees so I brought them in. The next morning I forgot about them and Chris tripped over one on his way out. He spent the afternoon vacuuming up soil from the carpet and was rather p.o.ed at me.

Sorry, love.
It will probably happen again though.

In about an hour I will be modeling a blonde wig and a volleyball hidden as a pregnant belly.
I will be dressed up as pregnant Claire from Lost for our church's Appreciation Dinner. Chris will be Charlie from Lost. We'll make an awesome pair. Pictures to come.

Happy Weekend! Please keep praying for my Nana. Seeing her this weekend!

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