in disguise

Yesterday morning I woke up at 8:00am.
(School starts at 8:06am and it takes 15 minutes to drive there... not to mention shower).
My alarm didn't go off.
Want to know why my alarm didn't go off?
Because I didn't set it.
I forgot.
My first day back since early last week, and I was late.

This morning I did better and actually woke up to an alarm, not the peaceful bliss of waking up to the birdies, followed by utter horror. Needless to say, I had time for breakfast this morning. Even with having breakfast though, it was still a bad day.


One reason why it was a bad day (among some others I won't mention their names) was because when I opened my sandwich for lunch I noticed mold on my bread. Not just a little bit of mold. Sprouts of it all around. Instead of getting up, going back to the lunchroom and buying a school lunch, I just picked out the pieces of bread that "looked" whiter than normal. Yum. Good lunch.

Fortunately, I had some unexpected free time tonight after school, thanks to my kid forgetting his tutoring lesson. It was a blessing. A huge blessing in disguise.

Don't ya love those?

Here's some things that make me happy though, a sample of the few pictures I took last week.

Ashley, Momma, Buster, and me
(hardly ever get these photos anymore!)

...Not fat!
11 weeks (at the time) pregnant Ashley

Yes! My sister is pregnant!

Diesel and Buster morning cuddle

Papa Kurtz and Diesel tractor riding

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