home full home

Tomorrow Christopher and I are having familiar visitors accompany our presence.
There will be six individuals in our little apartment of ours tomorrow night.
Two sleeping parentals in our bed (This is the special gift parents get when they visit us).
Two sleeping on couches.
One sleeping on a blow up mattress.
And one sleeping on the floor.
(Chris, the sweet husband of mine that he is, will probably be the one sleeping on the floor to give me a more comfortable place to lie my head).
Wink* Wink*

Home sweet home.
Home full home.
We are so excited!

Until then, here's a couple more of my creations inspired by Crochet Adorned,
my awesome, amazing, creative, and crafty Papa just officially bought for me.
(Meaning: I can return the copy I checked out from the library last November as soon as I get it next weekend!)

An easy to a make Trivet

And... some even easier matching coasters

Available here and at craft fair in May.

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