Favorite Nana Memories 2

Ashley, Momma, Nana, and me
Nana and Papa's house, Summer 2006

"So... how was it?" Nana asked, grinning.

She was not afraid to ask any question, including this one. This is how she was- up front, loving, genuine, and full of sass.

It was the fall 2009. We were in Oklahoma visiting Ashley, David, and Diesel for David and D's Halloween birthday party. Nana and Papa made the trip as well, ready for some birthday fun. The party was about to start. I was standing in the kitchen with the girls- me, Ashley, Nana, and Momma.

"How was what?" I asked.

She grinned ear-to-ear, gave me a little wink, and continued. "Oh, you know, Aimee girl...." She paused. "Your first time?"

You see Chris and I were married a few months before and I had had many, many, many conversations with my Nana about how wonderful marriage is, how she was so excited for the two of us, and how there was one thing she knew I was really going to look forward to. She would always say that with a grin.

And this is why I loved my Nana. She was such an influencial lady in my life that inspired a lot of spunk in my personality. There will be a huge void without her, a forever void, but the spunk she gave me will never die.

FYI, I did tell my Nana how it was, giving her enough detail to be content. I will omit this bit of information from my blog however. :)

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