craft fair

This past weekend I signed up to be a vendor at a craft fair at the end of May (thanks to Breezy). May 22nd to be exact. Since then I have been totally excited. And scared. And weirded out. I really like making crafts for myself... or my friends... or my family...
but to sell is weird.

We'll see.

I'm brainstorming up ideas.

I think I'll make some homemade cards, like these:

Goodbye cardies for Hannah G.

Colorful cardies for myself

I think I'll also do more of these:

fun jewels

I have lots of other brain storm projects going on in my head, and of course will blog them all down on here.

Enjoy the cool evenings with windows open!


Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes.
Thanks to Chris for getting me some of Ella and Martha.
Thanks to the Schulzs for my future shopping spree with Michael.
Gracias a Lindsay para la ropa.
Thanks to my sweet sister and her sweet words.
Thanks to my mom for being the first to wish me a happy day.
Thanks to all of you for loving me so well.


Lindsay said...

That sounds awesome!!! I'm very impressed with all your crafts...I bet you'll sell a lot :). Maybe I'll try to come to Columbia to go to the fair!

KeithMont said...

This is cool Aimee. Have you considered selling on Etsy?

breezylucia said...

aim. more earrings! the ones with the red that you made me are seriously in my top 5 faves. and everyone loves earrings!

aimee bee said...

Keith- I'm working on that now. Amanda S. has been working on a design for me to connect my blog and an etsy account. Once I get that, I plan on getting a shop up and running. I think the craft fair is my goal time to have it up and going. :)

Lindsay said...

I'd buy from you :)

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