D and me

Today I remembered some differences between my sister and me. (Of the many).

It was the afternoon. Diesel and I were on our way to pick Ash up from school. I was driving her car, having the ultimate window-down-hair-flying-sunglasses-on time. I decided it was the right moment for a good tune.

First, I tried all the "saved" stations in her car. 1-rap, 2-country, 3-old rock, 4-country, 5-country, 6-nothing (which I quickly saved as NPR). Nothing good on.

Then, I tried her 6 CDs in the dock. Country, country, country, country, country, mixed CD. Oh, this might be good! Track one-rap, two-hip hop (decent). Three-rap, Four-Rap, etc.

Needless to say, our music taste is quite different. I'm dying for some Denison Witmer, some Ray Lamontagne, some Sigur Ros, some soul-searching-running-through-the-field music. I look forward to reuniting with my IPOD dock at home in my little apartment.

Leaving tomorrow at 7:50am. Pray for safe travels and few tears.

p.s. Although my sis and I are quite different, she is one of my favorite people. I really love her.


Laurie Sue said...

This a Mother's proudest moment -- to know her daughters have finally bonded. I love you both and am very proud of you both!


Lindsay said...

I love Ray LaMontagne!

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