birthday weather

I've been away for a while. Things have been hard, but today is my birthday so I thought I would update.


I have decided that when Christopher and I start trying to have children, we will plan for their birth to be in April. It's so beautiful. Today was an awesome day to be born some 24 years ago.

(Funny side note, my momma told me a week ago that she couldn't believe I was going to be 23 in just a few short days... Well, I told her I couldn't believe it either because I was actually going to be 24).

What's so great about being 24?

I hear that in some states you can drive a rental car when you are 24 without having to pay extra insurance.


Speaking of fun, I did some really fun things today... eat rainbow pancakes drove with the windows down to Strawberry Hills and bought some flowers for my 3 flower boxes (Thanks Kirstin and Andrew!), 2 hanging baskets, and 2 pots and planted them.

3 flower boxes filled with Alyssum, Gypsy, and Marigolds

hanging baskets filled with Portulaca

and my vege garden,
filled with roma tomato plant and green bell pepper plant

away from the squirrels...hopefully enjoyed the beauty of the spring.

And yet to come, dinner with my pals.


Please continue saying prayers for my Nana. She has been completely sedated for the past few days hooked up to a ventilator. They are continuing to run tests on her to figure out what is causing problems.

Although she is completely sedated, yesterday I held her hand and told her stories, and at the end I told her how much I loved her and she mouthed back, "You too."

Please pray that Jesus would encourage her in her dreamy dreams, and remind her of the ones she has standing beside her, holding her hand, telling her how much they love her.


lesley kay said...

happy birthday!! lovely day it looks like... those pancakes are so fun!!! what kind of camera do you use?

i'll be remembering your nana in my prayers.

Laurie Sue said...

Happy Birthday, Aimee... from the very beginning you were very active (you loved to wiggle in my belly when I played music) and stubborn (3 weeks late), but when you decided to arrive (4:40 a.m.) you weren't messing around. Four hours of labor (waiting for the doctor to arrive) then five minutes and three pushes -- and you were born. No muss, no fuss. Truly a joyous event! I love you more than the sun, moon, and stars!


aimee bee said...

Thanks Lesley. I use a Canon Rebel XTI. I've had it for 3 years now and it's been great. It withstood Honduras, so it can take anything. ;)

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