Back with a limp

Craft Sabbath began again today, but not in full swing.
I felt like I crafted with a limp. It was still refreshing what I did do.

After a while of being in my apartment, Christopher decided to take me out on the town. This consisted of Michaels for more yarn, Macy's in lieu of a particular thing of interest (not found), and finally to Little Caesars to get a $5 pizza.
Woo hoo! Wild night on the town.

I did go outside of my box today to make a cheesecake. However, I didn't pay enough attention to the recipe and realized at the very end that it had to be refrigerated over night. Thankfully, our sweet friends Andrew and Kiristin brought us over some great Cranberry Pumpkin bread, beautiful flowers, and a pretty home-made card by Kirstin. Thanks guys!

Dessert after all!

Below is one of the projects that I worked on during my time in the ICU waiting room.
I made finishing touches on it today.

Little Birdie Blankie
Available here and also at craft fair

This blankie is made of single and double crochets, alternating rows, using three different colors of yarn at once with a very, very large crochet hook. I used Lion Brand yarn, that made for a very comfy and warm baby blankie.

Other women, bring on the babies! I'm ready to make you a gift. :)

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Lindsay said...

oh my gosh, I'm totally buying that blankie!!! Either that, or you can make me one for my next baby! I LOVE IT!!!

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