the wall

the ground layout

Chris and I have way too much stuff.
Did I ever tell you how much stuff we have?
We have a lot of stuff
and I don't like that.

We've been sifting.
We have another week until my deadline for simplifying.
I hope we can get there.

One of the things we have a lot of is: frames.
Small frames, large frames, blue frames, pink frames.
Some of these frames I can easily part with and will by next week. Others, I wanted to keep for my dream room wall whenever we finally have that fixer-uper house I so often dream of.

But a couple weeks ago, I thought, "You know aimee, you shouldn't just wait. Do it now."

So I am.
We're making a small version of my dream frame wall.
And this is how it goes:

First of all, scroll back up. See those 2 oval shaped canvases (canvi ?) in the middle? That is where I started by making old-fashioned silhouettes of Chris and me. I'm sure there's a bunch of different ways to do this, but we did it the easiest way we could think: tracing, like you do in kindergarten.

We went to the darkest room in our apartment (the bathroom) and took a light. We taped a white piece of paper to the wall and traced our faces.

makeshift shadow maker

tracing the silhouette

Chris really was happier about this than he looks. I promise.

After tracing our faces, I cut out the shape of the face and traced it onto my canvas. (Note: My canvas was smaller than the image I traced, so I had to downsize the projection by hand. It wasn't too difficult though since I already had the tracing on paper).

Then, I painted in the silhouette with acrylic black paint and added a trim around the edge to complete it.

Here's the finished silhouettes:

After making the silhouettes, I ordered photos that fit the frames. I tried really hard to get a good variety of photos, making sure to get Chris' family just as much as mine. Turns out I actually overcompensated and got pictures of friends and Chris' family, but not my own. That will have to be corrected soon. :)

Our new wall:

Enjoy the weather this week;
the snow is melting!


Lindsay said...

So awesome! I love it!!! And to Chris: nice goatee :)

Laurie Sue said...

Your living room is beautiful -- and so much of who you and Chris are! I love you ~


breezylucia said...

love it of course. BUT what did you do with the nerf painting?!

aimee bee said...

No worries Breeze. Nerf painting is now on the opposite wall, still gracing our home with it's presence. :)

Olivia said...

Hey Aimee!! Every once in a while when I am in Ouaga, I love to check out your blog and see what new crafty, ideas you came up with. The silhouettes are awesome! If only you were here, I can only imagine the wonders you would come up with using inexpensive, African fabric. :)


aimee bee said...

I can only imagine. One day I will get my little body over there. Although, my heart is driven to the little latinos. :) Miss you.

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