the to-do list

Today was a better day.

I had a rough night sleep. I was worrying about my Nana all night. I had nightmares. I think in one of them my Nana was pregnant (at 71-yowza!). I woke up a lot throughout the night.

Diesel woke up a lot too. Before bed last night I read him a good book, one of my favorites that my grandma had just bought for me. It was one I grew up on. The Berenstain Bears and the week at Grandma's. So when I put him to bed, I left the book with him. I could hear him in there after I turned out the lights talking about the "bears" and "going to Mama's." I think some day in the far distant future I might have a chance at being a pretty good mom. Someday.

Diesel also peed on my grandma's tulips today. My kind of man. (right Erin?)

He was standing outside and told us he had to pee. Ash told him to go find a tree in the backyard. Well, he decided he didn't want to walk that far I suppose and whipped it right out there in the front yard and peed right on her tulips. It was too darn cute to tell him to stop. We all watched in utter amazement, and, of course, I happened to catch it on camera. That's my job in this family, don't you know?

My Nana is doing better today and the results were somewhat positive. I called my Papa to see her status this morning and had a very cheerful answer. He slept 12 hours last night. (This is the man that hasn't been able to sleep a full night in years).

Feeling rather optimistic and joyful this morning he fulfilled my Nana's to-do list, given from the ICU bed.
It included: utility bill
...renew library books
...feed the birds (since Nana is feeling better, of course)
...bring Nana a bottle of well-water and a toothpick at Kohl's for a purse and sandals for Nana
...and find something that would make her laugh (doctor recommended)

This is what he brought up to the ICU:

It made her laugh. :)

Since she was doing better, the crew (Ashley, David, and Diesel) and I headed off to Oklahoma where the land is flat. We ate White Castle (requested by Ashley) and then Chinese for dinner (also requested by Ashley) and fell terrible the whole ride home. The 9 hour drive was filled with 3 gasy adults and one sick baby. It was a fun (and smelly) experience.

Now we are here and going to bed and ready to start a new day. Please keep up the prayers!

Here's picks from Monday:

Diesel and Mama

Ready to go outside

But not before breakfast... Craisins!

Diesel and Aunt Mimi

A Grandpa induced pose

An Aimee induced pose

Playing t-ball

Diesel with Mama and Grandpa Jerry

Diesel and my crazy Papa

love, love love tonight!
From my family to yours. :)
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