Spring break fever!

Diesel (runtish), Ashley, and me
Sanibel Island, Florida

Can it please be Spring Break yet? Because I think I am ready. 3 more work days to go,
but who's counting anyway?

Ok. So I am counting, because on Saturday I get to see my big sis and Diesel and my sister's fabulous hubby who can do anything to a house you could ever think of, including canning. Yeah. Awesome.

Side note, I was looking through photos to find one of my sister and me. We don't have that many. (Sad). That's a goal for next week- to take an exuberant amount of photos with my sister. I have a feeling she will be annoyed with this.

And then I was thinking (because the photo was taken on vacation) how good vacation sounds. Who takes a vacation these days anymore anyway? Like a get out, you and the family or hubalicious vacation. Lucky. Chris and I should take a vacation. A very fun, very cheap, and sadly quick vacation somewhere in the vicinity of a mountain and in between May 28th and June 4th. Ideas anyone?


Laurie Sue said...

I love you ~ more than the sun, the moon, and the stars!


Marcy said...

where do you live again? And what kind of activities do you guys enjoy?

aimee bee said...

I live in Columbia, Ash is in Oklahoma. I love hiking, running, reading and crafting! I pretend that I like cooking sometimes too. :)

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