Oh, Happy March!

photo taken at Nana and Papa's garden

Oh, happy March!
(just a day late)

4 reasons I like March
1. No more snow (usually)
2. Flowers blooming
3. Spring break (to Oklahoma for me!)
4. After March comes my birthday

I met with my friend Amanda today to discuss blog matters. Ladies and Gentlemen, aimee bee is about to get an update soon. I will also begin an etsy account with the same look and joining the two up. Be looking for that.

Also, Chris and I might be buying a car today. (stress!)

Chris' car is, as he phrases it, "a walking time bomb." I guess it's really a driving time bomb, isn't it? Well, we have the option of waiting for it to blow or buying a new used car. We've been waiting on it since November, and we may just have found our car. If so, I guess my next post will be of that.

Say prayers for peace and good decision making.

Have a happy Tuesday!

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