my weekend fortress

This was my weekend fortress.

On Saturday I got up 2 times. Once was to reheat my oatmeal from Cafe Berlin. I couldn't finish it. The other time was to bathe. This sickness knocked me out.

Today Christopher drove me to the park. He played softball with his friends while I sat on a blanket in the grass. I sat with my good friend Erin and her puppy Brego. I fed him lots of nuts.

I'm feeling better today. The sun helped. Although I still feel like when I am standing on a raft in the water trying to keep my balance.


My poor family came to Columbia this weekend to hang out with my brother, Chris, and myself. My brother and I ended up getting really sick Friday night and couldn't hang out on Saturday like planned. But before we got sick, we had a good time. :)

First, we had dinner at Bankok Gardens, one of my favorite thai restaurants.

Suzanne and Dad

Taylor and myself


Then we played a fun game of Apples to Apples without the parentals.

Chris, Taylor, Garrett, Buster

They also brought us these great Easter baskets. A popcorn bowl and a batter bowl filled with good candy and body wash. Great idea!

Sorry we were sick, but thanks for coming!

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