Just finished editing senior pictures for this girl:

more photos can be found here

She was a lovely, camera shy photographee. They were quite fun. I was introduced to LightRoom and I do believe this will have a great impact on my life. I am a fan. A big fan. Maybe my photos will forever look better? I'd sure like to hope so.

Please say prayers for my Nana. I'm meeting my sister, Diesel, Mom, and Mr. Timothy tomorrow evening to visit my Nana and Papa in St. Louis. She is feeling a bit under the weather in the hospital, and so Oklahoma plans change.

I'm flexible though. I have one day until Spring Break! Happy weekend. :)


Lindsay said...

you took these photos? Awesome! You're so talented! In so many ways :)

aimee bee said...

Yes, I took them. I'm experimenting with my photography I suppose. :)

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