Happy St. Patrick's Day?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
If I had thought ahead, I would have made something like this:

by Bakerella.

Or, I might have done something tasty like this:

by Martha, my girl.
(I like raw bell peppers...)

but to be honest,
I don't really care that much about St. Patrick's Day.
Years of living in Rolla, MO turned me away from all things green. (See what I mean?)
Although, I did wear a turquoise blue shirt today with matching shoes.
That's green enough for me to not get pinched by middle schoolers, but still put my foot down.
(One still pinched me, that crazy).

Sorry St. Patrick's Day. I'm just not that celebratory.

In other news, I had a weird experience today. I woke up like normal this morning, 6am something, walked out of my bedroom to my darkened apartment, and distinctly remember thinking how dark my apartment was now with the time change and no lights on.
After showering, I blow-dryed my hair and walked out of my bathroom and noticed that the living room light was on, which was definitely not on this morning when I walked past it to go shower.
I shook Chris awake and asked him if he had gotten up to go into the living room and turned on the light. He had no idea what I was talking about. He hadn't been out of bed yet, of course, not quite 7am.

Hm... that was weird.
Still haven't figured it out.
Maybe we're haunted....

My rebellious "green" shoes

In other wonderful news, two of my girls are coming over tonight and we are crocheting and needle-pointing. I'll blog our results. Fun!

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