grad school, yes!

two weeks until I see this little cutie

I have been accepted to grad school!

I found out yesterday. The due date was March 1st and they told me they would call me within the first couple weeks to let me know. I took them quite literally and told myself if I didn't get a call in the first two weeks I was doomed.

The whole two weeks I waited. In between classes, I checked my phone. After school, I checked. Any missed unknown callers, I googled their number to make sure it wasn't any particular person from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Some would have called me obsessed.

Me, I call it worry.

I prayed. I journaled. I bargained and reasoned with God. I was anxious, fearful, and excited.

And so I waited 11 painstaking and impatient days, until 4pm yesterday after one ring I answered an unknown caller and was told my destiny for the next 15 months. Yes! I'm in.

I was accepted to Mizzou's Smar2t Program, a specific Master's program designed for those who have a Bachelors degree in science or math. I'll spend a year being educated and educating others and then I'll be clear free to teach my own puberty-stricken middle schoolers! woo-wee! I'm stoked!

Thank you Lord!

Now we just have to figure out how to pay for it. :)

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Kate said...

YAY! Congrats! My aunt teaches one of the classes you'll take in your second fall.

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