easter egg cookies

I understand why women take maternity leave.
Taking care of a two year old takes a lot of time; let alone a baby.
You women: you rock my world.


Today Diesel and I made yummy Easter cookies inspired by Martha. He's so independent and wants to do everything by himself, that sometimes it gets a little hard to coach him. As I would grab some cookie dough he would say "more flour, more flour" and reach out his little hand.
Then when it came time to use the egg-shaped cookie cutter he would get so excited and impatient that I couldn't even show him where to put it. He would suddenly just punch it down anywhere. Needless to say, some of our egg-shaped cookies aren't that egg-shaped.


After cookie-making my sis and I sat on her sunny, breezy porch
and enjoyed a nice cold decaf coffee.
It was relaxing.
It was delicious.
It was heavenly.
It makes me wish we lived 7.5 hours closer.

I started watching Julie & Julia tonight (finishing it soon) and found it surprisingly interesting.
Maybe I am partial because I have a blog?
It made me laugh though, which is odd in movies, and was very natural.

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