Buster driving out of Hy-vee

Today I went grocery shopping with my brother. He likes to splurge, so I think I like grocery shopping with him. Sometimes, I need someone to encourage me to live a little.
"Go ahead girl, get that fresh deli meat instead of the prepackaged kind. It's okay."
I'm going to ask him to go with me next time.

Here's our gazillion groceries in the back seat:


And then there was Craft Sabbath

the remnants of our mess

Craft Sabbath this weekend was very fun!
I would like to take this time to thank the Clootens and the Schulzs and, of course, David for participating in the best day of my week.
Thank you, thank you, thanks.

The guys sculpted their continued chess set.

The girls made flowers. :)

Cassie made some cute red and pink ones.

Kirstin made some blue and black flowers.

I worked on some abstract flowers.
For instructions on how to make these flowers go here.

Then I sewed it to an old tank top.
This makes me happy. Reusing and renewing. (Ah...)

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