Friday. Breathe.
Fridays are usually good to me.
But today, I woke up with a chest cold and something else.
What is it called when you feel like you have gas in your chest?
Is that indigestion?
If so, I had that all day.

So now I'm sitting on my bed under a blanket, while Christopher is putting away the dishes and ordering our disorder. I kind of feel bad, but I think I'll be fine with it.

Yesterday was good though. No indigestion, and I was stumped.
You see, I work with this really cool kid. He's one of my favorites. He has a really great heart. Besides being awesome, he has the tendency to ask me random questions during Math class. And they're never about Math.

For instance, on a normal day he might ask

"Mrs. Swift, what are your aspirations?"
"What are you doing this weekend, Mrs. Swift?"
"How old again is that nephew of yours?"
"Do you believe prayer works?"
"Mrs. Swift, does your husband like to play Mario?"

Those are the usual questions. Ones I can answer.

Because of all the questions happening during class, I developed this "sticky note system." When a random question pops into his head (which usually happens about 5-10 times a class period), I ask him to write it down and I'll answer it after class when the teacher is done talking.

Yesterday he wrote this:

"Did the Canadians help the Polish to take over Mount Ormel?"


I had no clue what he was talking about. So I came home and did my research and discovered Mount Ormel is not an acutal Mount. It's a video game Mount. A particular Call of Duty Mount Ormel. Figures. This kid is obsessed with war games.

So, I was stumped by my video gaming, awesome 8th grader. And I'm pretty okay with that.

Family in town this weekend. We love family visits. :)
Happy Weekend!

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lesley kay said...

my husband plays call of duty and this question stumped him. haha. he's looking it up now! too funny! feel better!

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