Aunt Dorothy's Alfredo Vegge Soup

For Christmas, one of my gifts from my Dad and Suzanne was a cookbook that was filled with many family recipes. There were recipes from aunts, great aunts, grandmas, great-great-grandmas (via a grandma). Definitely some good ones.

Since Christmas, I've been making a valiant effort to try them. I cook. I usually don't cook well. I call myself an experiementer. (Hey, I'm a scientist right?) Sometimes it turns out really awesome. Sometimes I fail miserably.

Recently I tried one of the recipes that was a huge success! (Probably because it was quick and painless). I thought I would share this recipe with you. It was such a surprise, amazing soup that I hope you enjoy too.

Great Aunt Dorothy's Alfredo Vegetable Soup

1/2 cup of chopped carrots
1 cup chopped broccoli
1/2 diced red bell pepper
1/2 cup of diced onions
1 minced garlic clove
14 oz chicken broth
2 cups cooked chopped chicken
1 jar Alfredo sauce
1 tsp basil
(adjust these amounts to your liking)

1. Combine veggies and garlic to chicken broth into a sauce pot on stove, heat to a boil, then simmer for 5 minutes covered
2. Add in the jar of Alfredo sauce and cooked chicken and basil, heat for 5 min
3. Eat!


Lindsay said...

soups are my favorite! They're super easy and really quick (most of the time). You can just toss a bunch of stuff into a pot and voila! a soup! :)

aimee bee said...

Yep. And you usually can't mess it up. Although, come to think of it, I messed up a soup last time I made one. ;)

breezylucia said...

i unfortunately must agree with erin... without the photo of the soup I feel unsatisfied.

also i can see how this would be good...but the alfredo sauce addition to the chicken broth i feel like would be sickly. im glad it wasn't!

aimee bee said...

Honestly, I thought the same thing. I don't like chicken broth, but together it was great! (I added less chicken broth than recommended).

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