another dizzy day

Today was another dizzy day.

I woke up feeling like myself. I was so excited, I even made coffee. And drank a small cup.

Then I went to eye doctor and on my way home (while I am driving alone in my car) I started feeling super dizzy again. Great, back to the weekend madness... I remember thinking that I should drive under the speed limit just incase I pass out and my car goes off the side of the road. I guess my logical thinking at the time was, "If I am going slow and I pass out, I will just come to a stop and I can sleep." Who knows what I was thinking. I wouldn't trust this weird aimee bee form that's been popping in the last couple days.

Anyway, as soon as I got home I changed my plans around so I didn't have to drive the rest of the day. I made people come to me. (Thanks, Kirstin).

For a while I sat around and stared at things. It was entertaining until I realized I was being very trippy and weird. I also laughed a lot at myself and to myself and no one else at all.

So then, I decided to make up for the craft sabbath I slept through yesterday due to this crazed sickness that is sucking my soul.

So, I made a pillow (easy to do even if you're hallucinating)
and I altered a spring jacket I found at salvation army.

Here's the day through the eyes of the dizzy girl:

practicing button holes

This jacket was 2 sizes too big.
I took 2 inches in on the sides and sewed an extra button on the top, and now I have a new spring coat. Pink isn't really my color though. I guess you can't be too picky at salvy. ;)

If I'm still seeing double tomorrow, I'll call the doc.


David said...

I don't know if hallucinations are really normal symptoms of a common cold.

Laurie Sue said...

Middle ear infection - maybe. I hope you feel better soon!


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